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02 / 08

About me

I am Grigorios

Having come a long way since dabbling with Windows 95; whilst other children were playing with toy cars. Spurred on by my Software Engineer father, I decided I would like to pursue web development as a career. This motivated me to make a life changing move to the UK to study Web Design and Technology at the University of Bradford.

Over the years (since the age of 14) I have gained experience with: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, GIT, Databases, Servers and Laravel, alongside a meticulous passion for front end development.

Most recently I have found a real thirst for furthering my knowledge and understanding; with a particular interest in working with JavaScript frameworks such as React and developing bots.

03 / 08

Past experience

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  • Mercury

    Web Developer & IT Manager

  • Octal

    Web Developer & Web Team Leader

  • Pasteque

    IT Technician & Web Designer

04 / 08

Volunteer experience

  • Volunteer Centre

    Web Designer

  • Webanywhere

    Web Designer

05 / 08


89% Creativity
82% Servers
90% Development
65% Web Applications
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HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Web applications


Database configuration

Server administration

Cloud storage systems